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    Advanced PPC Trianing in Bangalore
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      SEM / PPC Training in Bangalore

      PPC Training in Bangalore, BTM Layout offered by I Digital Academy enables the students to learn the most advanced concepts of paid advertising. PPC Training covers all forms of paid advertisements like PPC, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping Ads, Mobile Ads, and Video Ads. At the end of the PPC Training, you will be eligible for Google certification for Adwords provided by Google. We offer 100% Placement Assistance for Students after successful completion of the PPC Course.

      During the PPC Course, also Know as SEM(Search Engine Marketing) Course we teach you to optimize your website and ads to outperform the competition using effective PPC and Display campaigns. Know how to drive high-quality traffic to your site by learning and practicing keyword research and implementation strategies, social media leveraging tactics, and video, image and landing page optimization.
      Identify how to reach your marketing goals by including strong SEM techniques and paid search strategies along with the overall digital marketing plan. This SEM course will cover planning pay-per-click campaigns, keyword groups and geo-targeting to get the most out of your paid search engine marketing. Learn to manage and optimize your campaigns for improved performance and value-added content to be leveraged across all online channels. Measure the success of these techniques to evaluate what works best for website conversions.

      1000+ SEM / PPC job opportunities for Freshers and Experienced
      Opportunity to work as a Freelancer apart from your Job
      Most in Demand Skill in the Market with global job potential
      Opportunity to work from Home

      Our Trainers are Real-Time Consultants with 8+ Years of PPC Experience

      PPC Course Contents

      Introduction to PPC and concepts

      Learn in detail about Google Search and Display Campaigns
      Keyword bidding
      Managing campaign performance
      Work with Google Ad Scheduling
      Ad Delivery
      Learn about Conversion Tracking
      Code Tracking
      Link with Google Analytics
      Advanced SEM concepts and implementation

      Google Adwords and PPC

      Overview of Google AdWords
      Introduction to Inorganic Search results
      Google AdWords and PPC advertising
      keywords bidding
      Google AdWords Account Setup
      AdWords Account Structure
      Working with Campaigns, AdGroups, Keywords, Ads, etc.
      Advertising Campaign Types – Display, Search., Shopping and Video
      Comparison between Search and Display Campaign

      AdWords Algorithm

      Understanding of how AdWords rank Ads
      Detailed description of AdWords Algorithm(Adrank), Adwords Quality score
      Importance of Quality Score
      What is CPC, CTR and ROI
      Importance of CTR
      Bids and Budget

      Search Campaign Creation

      Search campaigns and its Types including Standard, Dynamic Search
      All features and Product Listing Google Merchant Centre
      Creating your First Search Campaign, Campaign Settings
      Location Targeting and its Types
      Bidding Strategy (CPC)
      Types of Bidding Strategy, Manual, Auto, Strategies for Advanced Level Bidding
      Enhanced CPC, CPA, Flexible Bid Strategy
      Advantages and disadvantages of Bid strategies
      Adwords Ad groups
      Adwords ad extensions its Types and importance Ad-extensions and its Types
      Add Ad-extensions in Campaign
      Using Keyword planner
      Finding appropriate keywords
      Add Keywords in AdGroup, Keyword Planner Tool, Different types of f Keywords-Boards, exact, phrase etc.
      Advantages and Disadvantages of Keywords
      Ads Creation
      Ad metrics
      Display URL
      Destination URL
      How to write an Ad Copy?
      Good and bad examples of Ads

      Performance / Conversion Tracking

      Understanding the use of Conversion Tracking
      How to set up Conversion Tracking
      Track Code in website
      Verifying Conversion statistics

      Search Campaign Optimization

      Optimizing campaigns through AdCopies
      Ways to increase CTR
      Quality Score and how to increase it
      Significance of Negative Keyword
      Evaluate Campaign statistics
      Conversion Report in Optimization
      Keyword Optimization
      Identify Fraud Clicks

      Display Campaigns

      Display Campaign Creation
      All features and Mobile App
      Increasing engagement through Remarketing
      Comparison between Display and Search Campaign Settings
      Performing campaign settings
      Google Ad Scheduling
      Google Ad Delivery
      Placement of Ads
      Creating various AdGroups
      Using display planner tool
      Finding relevant websites for ads placement Creating text ads
      Creating banner ads using tools
      Uploading banner ads
      Examples of good/bad banner ads display campaign
      Display Campaign Optimization
      100% Practical Classroom Training
      Real-Time Exposure to work on Live Projects
      Interview Facilitation and Resume Prepration
      Advanced SEM / PPC Course Syllabus
      Globally Recognised Certifications
      Launch Your Career 3 Month Internship

      Best PPC Training institute in Bangalore

      PPC Courses in Bangalore from I Digital Academy will help you to learn the most advanced PPC concepts using latest Digital Marketing tools and techniques. Practical PPC classes at our PPC Training Institute ensure you implement all the PPC skills on live projects and get hands-on experience in PPC. This PPC Training will let you explore various PPC platforms, strategies, marketing techniques, and opportunities to promote business online with the help of Advanced PPC Techniques in an effective and efficient manner.

      Attend PPC Classes at i Digital Academy and get an opportunity to apply PPC techniques on over 4 live online marketing projects. The Internet marketing course covers most in-demand modules like SEM, PPC, Adwords, Search Network, Display Network. All these PPC Modules are carefully chosen as per industry requirements to match client-side and agency roles for PPC profile.

      As a result of our unique training methodology of dynamic lectures, live PPC case studies and group discussions will enable you to research, explore and study PPC in the most efficient and interactive manner. You also gain access to free PPC tools that will help you to improve your PPC and brand-building skills in the PPC Training Process.

      After Successful completion of Advanced PPCCourse, you will fully understand various PPC channels and activities required to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive PPC strategy. You will be in a position to strategize, create and effectively manages PPC campaigns, and learn how to drive and improve leads and conversion online.

      Why should you learn PPC?

      PPC is completely non-technical field and can be easily learnt by anyone
      The job opportunities in this field are numerous as the world is completely changing from older style of marketing to digital
      Most of the companies & individuals are now more dependent on Digital media
      We offer 100 % placement assurance to our students. we have maintained our brand value and name since 6 years
      PPC is one of the fastest growing career in India and of course in the world
      There huge growth of the Internet and social media users over the years shows that the PPC is the right career choice for all fresh graduates
      As per the market statistics, there will be more than 2 lack PPC jobs by 2020.

      PPC Training Classes in Bangalore course objectives:

      If you’re looking for a new career in PPC or just wish to add digital to your existing skill set we will prepare you to become a complete PPC and make you industry ready on day one. You will acquire the right skills through extensive hands-on practice on a wide range of simulations and projects that will enable you to launch and execute your own PPC campaigns. We’ll train you on the latest PPC tools, show you how they work and how to gain insights that will help clarify your strategy.

      Here are the few main objectives of PPC

      To create Brand Awareness
      To generate potential leads through advertising
      To increase engagement among the audience related to your domain or business.
      Reducing bounce rate on your website.
      Market segmentation’s on basis of your product.
      Increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
      Understanding your consumers needs and connecting with them directly.
      Promote your new services or product launches.
      Surveys your audience to validate your product and its application in long run.

      What are the prerequisites for PPC Training?

      Graduate Students in the final semester
      Fresher’s and Job seekers post-graduation
      Working Professionals who wish to change their career
      BPO Employees
      Marketing Professionals
      Brand Managers

      Why Should you choose i Digital Academy as a Top PPC Training centre?

      Highly experienced trainers with real time exposure to all concepts
       Interactive Practical classes that make you ready to face Interviews and Job related challenges
       Opportunity to work on live projects as soon as the module is completed 
       Create your own blogs, social media pages and campaigns
      100% Placement support for all students with interview preparation and mock interviews
       Trained over 5000+ students overall.
       Advanced Lab facility with instructor available to help you through out the day
       Extended student support even after placement

      100% Placement assistance

      Once you finish PPC Course at I Digital Academy our HR Team Collects CV from you and they will make required changes to your CV to make it more professional, Our HR shares your CV along with other students CVs to our client, Once we are notified by our clients we will schedule the interview process, This will increase the chance of you landing a job soon after your course completion

      Salary expectation after completion of PPC Training in Bangalore

      Since there’s a lack of talent in PPC and the importance of PPC is growing, PPC professionals are offered an excellent salary.

      2.2 lacks – 3.0 lacks per year

      1 – 4 years of experience 
      3.5 lacks to 6.0 lacks per year

      5 or more than 5 years – above
      6 lacks per year

      There are many PPC professionals who earn more than 30 lacks per year in PPC field


      Learn PPC from Industry experts who is working for a major MNC
      Practical course on SEM / PPC with live projects
      Advanced lab facility with instructors to help you with projects
      Free internship program during the course to gain hands-on experience
      Most advanced PPC concepts that prepares you to face real world web development challenges
      Opportunity to work as a freelancer and earn additional income apart from your full time job

      PPC Training Instructor Profile

      UI Web Development Consultant in a Major MNC
      Our Trainer is well experienced with 8+ years of experience in Advanced Digital Marketing Domain 
       Works for a Reputed MNC, and will share Real world scenarios with case studies
       Trained more than 1000+ students on Digital Marketing
       Has received excellent feedback and 5 * rating from all our students
       Having sound knowledge in Digital Marketing and Latest trends in the Industry
       Demonstrates excellent Marketing and Presentation skills
       Familiar with all concepts of Digital Marketing with global exposure
       Excellent training delivery skills with crisp content and ability to explain concepts in a simple manner
       Student focused and deadline oriented. Will ensure completion of Digital Marketing course on time
       Highly disciplined and organised. Conducts interactive Digital Marketing Sessions

      Skills and Experience of our PPC Training Instructor‬‬

       Google Certified Digital Marketing with 8 years of experience
       Advanced Concepts with excellent Domain knowledge in SEO, PPC, Social Media e-mail Marketing, Content Marketing etc
       Worked on Country wide and International Projects for Digital Marketing
       Consultant and Freelancer with clients
       Influencer, Personality development coach and Motivator
      SEM PPC Live Project 1

      Create Search Campaigns

      Create Search Network Campaigns from scratch based on client reuirement

      SEM PPC Live Project 2

      Create Display Campaign

      Prepare a Strategy, create media plan, images and create a new Display campaign to generate revene 

      SEM PPC Live Project 3

      Re-Marketing Campaign

      Devise a Re-Marketing Campaign to target visitors of a website

      SEM PPC Live Project 4

      Video Campaign

      Create a Video campaign by selecting googles Video network

      Career Options you can choose after completion of
      PPC Training Course

      Google Ads Analyst (0 to 1 Yrs Exp.)

      Salary: 13000 INR to 17000 INR 
      After 3 years of experience Designation- Google Campaign Manager salary 35k to 65k

      PPC Analyst (1 – 3 yrs exp.)

      Salary: 18000 INR to 20000 INR
      After 2 years of experience Designation – Sr. PPC Analyst Salary: 35k to 65k

      Perform daily account management and of pay per click accounts on Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and other search platforms for a variety of clients
      Assist in the maintenance and monitoring of keyword bids, account daily and monthly budget caps, impression share, quality score and other important account metrics
      Manage and maintain updates for large keyword lists
      Provide creative copy suggestions and graphical ad templates
      Assist in the management of Display network placement lists on AdWords and through other contextual advertising platforms
      Provide recommendations and execute strategies for keyword opportunities, campaign structuring, targeting, display network, and other facets of paid search in accordance with client goals
      Support the generation new paid search campaigns, ad groups, and accounts and aid in the creation of new paid search marketing initiatives
      Generate weekly and monthly client reporting for all major metrics, goals tracking, revenue tracking, and other paid search initiatives
      Keep pace with search engine and PPC industry trends and developments
      Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals
      Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels
      Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results
      Work closely with the other team members to meet client goal

      How we Help you to Get a PPC Job in Reputed Companies

      Getting you a Job in PPC after successful course completion is our Top Priority. Over the years i Digital Academy and its trainers have developed a strong bond with companies and consultancies that have requirement for PPC Candidates. Soon after your course completion we will help you to create an attractive PPC Resume and conduct mock Interviews. Questions asked in the mock interview will be the questions that you are most likely to face in the PPC Interview.

      Your skills, Your commitment and Your knowledge in PPC along with our reference to these companies will increase your chances of getting a Job in PPC after successful course completion.

      Fresher in PPC earns about 2.5 – 3 Lakhs INR per annum. Apart from your fixed salary you have limitless opportunities to –

      Earn money by working as a freelancer. A single freelance project in PPC will fetch you 10,000 INR on an average
      In future you have an opportunity to start your own business and promote online using Advanced PPC techniques you have acquired

      What Will be your Salary as a PPC

      You can start your career in PPC in various profiles

      You get many career options as a PPC Professional. Some of the career options that you can explore are –

      PPC Analyst – As a SEO analyst your core responsibility will be to get traffic from search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo etc. and ensure your organisations website is ranking higher to get relevant traffic.
      Search Engine Marketing / PPC Analyst – As a PPC analyst you will be handling paid marketing for your clients. This involves media planning, budget forecasting, optimising ads to get best results, ensure higher ROI etc.

      At i Digital Academy, you get to learn PPC from experienced professionals. You can be 100% sure that the content covers all advanced PPC marketing techniques that you can implement at your work or business to achieve tremendous growth.

      From basics to advance you will have hands on experience to research, create strategies and implement them on live projects. This enables you to face PPC interview and take on the challenged head on without depending on anyone.

      You will be in a position to handle all types of PPC requirements on your own.

      Become an Expert in PPC by Learning from Experts

      Work on Real Time PPC Projects

      All students at i Digital Academy get to work on Real Time PPC projects under the supervision of mentors. As soon as the Modules are completed, students are given assignments based on live scenarios. After submitting assignment to the trainer you get an opportunity to work on a Real Client project. From creating fool proof strategies to implementation, you will be responsible to handle PPC Project completely

      During the PPC, You will work on 4 Projects in total. Additional projects will be given based on your interest. You will also have the freedom to get freelance project and discuss with our trainers.

      Students who are in final semester and need help in their college projects will get complete support from the institution to accomplish projects as per the topics assigned by college authorities.

      Advantages of Choosing PPC Course are –

      You get high paying Job in Digital Marketing soon after completing the course
      You may get work from home options once you have acquired 1 years of experience
      Opportunity to go abroad as Digital Marketers are in huge demand across the world
      Option to start your own business once you have considerable experience across various industries

      Advantages of Choosing PPC Career

      PPC Tools you will work on

      As a PPC you are expected to work on many tools. These tools will speed up the process of transnational activities and improves your efficiency as a PPC Expert.

      Some of the tools that you will be using during your PPC Program are

      Google Ads
      Adjelly to know right ad size
      Canva for designing images
      Google Analytics for Tracking and Measurement
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