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    Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore
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      Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

      Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore at i Digital Academy is designed to give you practical knowledge in all aspects of Online Marketing. You may be a fresher looking to start a promising career in Digital Marketing or an experienced professional who wants to grow in your career. Our Digital Marketing class covers most advanced techniques and strategies that enables you to face challenges in Digital Marketing world.
      After Successful Digital Marketing Course completion you will be in a position to strategize, plan and perform Digital Marketing activities for organisations and help the achieve overall Digital Marketing Goals. 

      We Offer Online and Classroom Training for Digital Marketing Course in Jayanagar, Bangalore with Real-time Projects.
      You will be working on assignments and live projects based on live scenarios and implement your skills to gain Hands on experience while you are in training period. This will give you an edge over other candidates and makes it easier to clear Digital Marketing Interview with ease. 

      1300+ Digital Marketing job opportunities for Freshers and Experienced
      Opportunity to work as a Freelancer apart from your Job
      7th Most in Demand Skill in the Market with global job potential
      Opportunity to earn money as a Affiliate Marketer / Youtuber / Micro Influencer / Blogger / Consultant
      Digital Marketing

      Step into the world of Digital Marketing, and understand basic requirements to start promoting your business online. Experience the whole new Digital World.

      SEO Training

      SEO Training will help you to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can leverage key techniques

      PPC Training

      PPC Training offered by i Digital Academy enables the students to learn the most advanced concepts of paid advertising and Google Adwords

      SMM Training

      SMM (Social Media Marketing) Training has been designed to give you the skills, knowledge, insights, and tools required for Social Media Promotions.

      Google Analytics Course

      Google Analytics Training has been designed to give you the Skills, Knowledge, and Insights to Track, Analyse, and Improve your Marketing Efforts.

      Email Marketing Course

      Email Marketing Training has been designed to give you the skills, knowledge, insights, and tools that will immediately help to improve your organization’s marketing goals through Emails.

      Affiliate Marketing Course

      Affiliate Marketing Training has been designed to give you the skills, knowledge, insights and tools that will immediately help to improve your organizations marketing goals.

      Website Structure & Planning

      Planning your website structure in advance of coding is an essential step for optimizing website architecture, information architecture, SEO and user experience.

      Search Network Ads

      The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads appear when ever a user is searching for products or services you offer.

      Display Network Ads

      The Display Ads Network trigger based on audience interest and not Intent. These ads are generally in image format or Responsive text format

      Re-Marketing Campaigns

      Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site.

      Shopping Ads

      To create Shopping ads, you’ll set up your product information in Google Merchant Center and create Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.

      Web Analytics

      Web analytics is the collection, reporting, and analysis of website data. The focus is on identifying measures based on your organisational over all marketing goals

      Conversion Optimization

      The CRO process involves understanding how users move through your site, what actions they take, and what’s stopping them from becoming your potential customer .

      Content Marketing Blogging & Adsense

      Strategic marketing approach focused on creating & distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain targetted audience

      YouTube Video

      YouTube Videos are latest trend to make additional income by promoting engaging content on YouTube Platforms. You Tubers make a lot of money using Adsense & Influencer marketing.

      Our Trainers are Real-Time Consultants with 8+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience and have successfully worked and Scaled multiple Businesses.

      Digital Marketing Course Contents [Updated]

      Introduction to Digital Marketing

      Introduction to Digital Marketing explores how to harness the power of digital within the context of your organization’s marketing strategy. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the core principles of digital marketing, and be able to distinguish between traditional and digital techniques.

      This module will give you an in-depth understanding of requirements for creating and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns.

      Topics covered under this training module

      Key Digital Marketing Concepts
      Traditional v. Digital Marketing
      Opportunities in Digital Marketing
      Domain, Hosting and Website
      Target Segmentation
      Market Research v. Market Reality

      Search Engine Optimization: SEO

      The Search Optimization: SEO module will help you to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can leverage key techniques to improve your website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS) to drive more traffic. It also covers key terminology and technical insights necessary to cultivate an effective SEO strategy.

      You will explore keyword research and the process of selecting suitable keywords for your website, as well as other types of optimization for online content. You will understand how to create and include effective content and use meta-tags throughout your website.

      Topics covered under SEO training module

      Introduction to SEO
      What is Search Engine Optimization?
      Why you need Search Engine Optimization?
      Search Engine Basics
      How Search Engine Works
      Major Search Engines and Directories
      Google Algorithm
      What is Page rank?
      Dealing with Crawlers
      Keyword Research and Analysis
      Competitor keyword analysis
      Finding appropriate Keywords
      Keywords Planner Tool
      High and low Competition keywords
      On-page optimization
      Off-page optimization
      Others tools for keyword research

      Search Engine Marketing: SEM (PPC, Adwords)

      The Search Marketing: PPC module will teach you about the importance of PayPer-Click Advertising (PPC), and how it can be used to effectively drive quality traffic to your website, as well as the accompanying terminology and technical skills.

      During the module, you will understand how to set up a Google AdWords account and develop an AdWords campaign through three key elements: keyword research, ad copy and landing pages. The module also addresses AdWords campaign settings and on-going campaign management.

      Topics covered under SEM training module
      AdWords basics
      How AdWords works
      Account administration and security
      Payment Methods and Setting
      Google PPC Campaigns
      Keywords Research
      Create ads and campaigns
      Campaign settings
      Budgets and bids
      Ads and approvals
      Find out if ad is running
      Track sales and other conversions
      Google analytics and AdWords
      Google Shopping Ads
      Setting up merchant centre
      creating product feed
      Identify Google product category list
      Setting up and managing shopping campaign
      Video Ads
      Promotions and Coupons

      Digital Display Advertising

      The Digital Display Advertising module will help you to create and implement effective digital display advertising campaigns. It covers the core concepts and terminology associated with digital display advertising as well as key campaign aspects including: ad formats, campaign setup and planning, target audience definition and publisher selection, campaign administration, budgeting (including different pricing metrics), measurement and optimization.

      Topics covered under Display Ads training module
      Concepts of Display Advertising
      Benefits of Digital Display
      Challenges of Digital Display
      Google Display Ad network
      Choose where and when ads appear
      Ad Placement on Website
      Reach your audience

      Social Media Marketing

      The Social Media Marketing module covers the key concepts and terminology used in social media marketing and its primary platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pintrest.

      This module will help you set up and prepare social media marketing initiatives. It covers defining goals and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your social media campaigns and explores a range of core social media platforms.

      Topics covered under Social Media Marketing training module
      What is social media?
      The Value of Social Media
      Building and engaging a community
      Social Media Metrics and ROI
      Brand impressions and offers
      Manage Workflow/Campaigns
      Social Media Optimization
      social media monitoring tools
      FB for branding
      managing business page
      Facebook groups and events
      organic FB Business promotion
      FB adverts
      types of ads
      campaign creation
      campaign management
      FB lead generation
      FB shopping ads
      ad targeting
      custom audience
      using free tools for ads and promotion
      Profile set up
      Linked in for business
      LinkedIn Tools
      LinkedIn marketing tools
      LinkedIn Campaigns
      Targeting strategy
      Lead generation from LinkedIn
      LinkedIn Sales Navigator
      LinkedIn recruiter
      LinkedIn learning
      LinkedIn Analytics
      Signing up for Twitter
      Choosing a username
      Building brand presences
      Following others
      Exploring Hastags
      Crafting great tweets
      Adding photos and video to tweets
      Scheduling tweets
      Searching for potential clients
      Advertising on Twitter
      Using third-party Twitter-management tools
      Creating compelling offers
      Tracking Twitter via Google Analytics

      Email Marketing

      The Email Marketing module will enable you to construct and deliver an effective email marketing campaign. The module will cover the four foundational aspects of email marketing: data capture and subscriber segmentation, email design and content, email delivery, and measurement and reporting.

      Topics covered under Email Marketing Training module
      Introduction to Email Marketing
      Email Design and Functionality
      Email List Building and Capture Page Design
      Email Optimization and Testing
      Email Deployment
      Email Release
      Check your open rates, click-through-rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates

      Google Analytics

      The Google Analytics module will help you develop the knowledge and skills required to measure, monitor and optimize your digital marketing activity. This will equip you with the technical understanding and insights to build an online reporting structure for your business.

      In order to monitor and measure online traffic, you will know the range of specialist tools on offer. You will also explore the business benefits of using analytics tools as a standard.

      Topics covered under Google Analytics training module
      Benefits of Google Analytics Tool
      Google Analytics Account Set-Up
      Google Analytics Performance Metrics explanation
      Importance of Tracking Code & creation
      Explaining Google Analytics Admin Panel & set-up
      Creation of Goals & Funnels
      Linking Google Analytics Account with other tools
      Audience tab to understand User interaction on your Website
      Acquisition tab to understand Digital Marketing support for your Website branding & conversions
      Behaviour tab to understand the pros & cons of your Website content to your User expectations
      Explaining Conversion tabs to understand buying cycle of your website with user
      Working on different custom reports for analysing Website, while applying to day-to-day executions for betterROI

      Mobile Marketing

      The Mobile Marketing module will help you create and deliver effective mobile marketing campaigns. You will cover the key concepts that underpin mobile marketing, and understand the value of immediacy, mobility and personalization within any mobile marketing activity. You will also understand the importance and key components of a mobile-optimized website.

      Topics covered under Mobile Marketing training module
      Key Mobile Marketing Concepts
      Trends in Mobile
      Opportunities & Risks
      SMS marketing
      App-based marketing
      In-game mobile marketing
      Mobile web marketing
      QR codes
      Location-based services

      Affiliate Marketing

      During the course you will learn what is affiliate marketing Affiliate and the process of earning commission by promoting other people’s / company’s products.

      Topics covered under Affiliate Marketing training module
      Types of affiliates
      Integrating Ads to website
      Linking Bank Accounts
      Google Adsense
      Rules for Adsense
      Tracking Code Setup
      Pay-out Types
      Practical Digital Marketing Course with Strategic Assignments
      Work on 4 Live Digital Marketing Projects During the Course
      Advanced Digital Marketing Course Syllabus with Latest Updates
      Resume Preparation and Interview support
      Globally Recognised Online Certifications
      Start Your Career as a Expert Digital Marketer

      Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore from I Digital Academy will help you to learn the most advanced Online Marketing concepts using latest Digital Marketing tools and techniques. Practical Digital Marketing classes at our Digital Marketing Training Institute ensure you implement all the Digital Marketing skills on live projects and get hands-on experience in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course will let you explore various digital marketing platforms, strategies, marketing techniques, and opportunities to promote business online with the help of Advanced Digital Marketing in an effective and efficient manner. Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore from I Digital Academy will help you to learn the most advanced Online Marketing concepts using latest Digital Marketing tools and techniques. Practical Digital Marketing classes at our Digital Marketing Training Institute ensure you implement all the Digital Marketing skills on live projects and get hands-on experience in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course will let you explore various digital marketing platforms, strategies, marketing techniques, and opportunities to promote business online with the help of Advanced Digital Marketing in an effective and efficient manner.

      Attend Digital Marketing Classes at i Digital Academy and get an opportunity to apply marketing techniques on over 4 live online marketing projects. The Internet marketing course covers most in-demand modules like SEO, SEM, PPC, Adwords, Search Network, Display Network, Social Media Management, and Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web analytics etc. All these Digital Marketing Modules are carefully chosen as per industry requirements to match client-side and agency roles for Digital Marketing profile.

      As a result of our unique training methodology of dynamic lectures, live Digital marketing case studies and group discussions will enable you to research, explore and study Digital Marketing in the most efficient and interactive manner. You also gain access to over 50 free digital marketing tools that will help you to improve your digital marketing and brand-building skills in the Digital Marketing Training Process.

      After Successful completion of Advanced Digital Marketing Course, you will fully understand various Digital Marketing channels and activities required to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. You will be in a position to strategize, create and effectively manages SEO, search, social media, mobile, PPC, display and email marketing campaigns, and learn how to drive and improve leads and conversion online.

      Why should you learn Digital Marketing?

      Over 7 lakh Job opening for Digital Marketing profiles in 2019
      Build your career as Freelancer Digital Marketer or Entrepreneur
      Digital Marketing Strategies are easy to learn and implement
      Every company needs an Internet Marketer to manage organisations online presence
      Marketing Industry is recession proof
      Digital Marketing skills are in demand around the world
      Internet Marketing Highest growth rate for over a decade

      Digital Marketing Classes in Bangalore course objectives:

      If you’re looking for a new career in digital marketing or just wish to add digital to your existing skill set we will prepare you to become a complete digital marketer and make you industry ready on day one. You will acquire the right skills through extensive hands-on practice on a wide range of simulations and projects that will enable you to launch and execute your own digital marketing campaigns. We’ll train you on the latest digital marketing tools, show you how they work and how to gain insights that will help clarify your strategy.

      Here are the few main objectives of Digital Marketing Course

      To create Brand Awareness
      To generate potential leads through advertising
      To increase engagement among the audience related to your domain or business.
      Reducing bounce rate on your website.
      Market segmentation’s on basis of your product.
      Increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
      Understanding your consumers needs and connecting with them directly.
      Promote your new services or product launches.
      Surveys your audience to validate your product and its application in long run.

      What are the prerequisites for Digital Marketing Training?

      Graduate Students in the final semester
      Fresher’s and Job seekers post-graduation
      Working Professionals who wish to change their career
      BPO Employees
      Marketing Professionals
      Brand Managers

      Why You Should choose i Digital Academy as a Top Digital Marketing Coaching centre?

       Highly experienced trainers with real time exposure to all concepts
       Interactive Practical classes that make you ready to face Interviews and Job related challenges
       Opportunity to work on live projects as soon as the module is completed 
       Create your own blogs, social media pages and campaigns
      100% Placement support for all students with interview preparation and mock interviews
       Trained over 5000+ students overall.
       Advanced Lab facility with instructor available to help you through out the day
       Extended student support even after placement

      100% Placement Assistance

      Once you finish Digital Marketing Course at I Digital Academy our HR Team Collects CV from you and they will make required changes to your CV to make it more professional, Our HR shares your CV along with other students CVs to our client, Once we are notified by our clients we will schedule the interview process, This will increase the chance of you landing a job soon after your course completion

      Salary expectation after completion of Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore.

      Since there’s a lack of talent in Digital Marketing and the importance of Digital Marketing is growing, Digital Marketing professionals are offered an excellent salary.

      2.2 lacs – 3.0 lacs per year

      1 – 4 years of experience 
      3.5 lacs to 6.0 lacs per year

      5 or more than 5 years – above
      6 lacs per year

      There are many professionals who earn more than 30 lacks per year in digital marketing field


      Digital Marketing Instructor Profile

      Digital Marketing Consultant at Reputed MNC
      Our Trainer is well experienced with 8+ years of experience in Advanced Digital Marketing Domain
      Works for a Reputed MNC, and will share Real world scenarios with case studies
      Trained more than 1000+ students on Digital Marketing
      Has received excellent feedback and 5 * rating from all our students
      Having sound knowledge in Digital Marketing and Latest trends in the Industry
      Demonstrates excellent Marketing and Presentation skills
      Familiar with all concepts of Digital Marketing with global exposure
      Excellent training delivery skills with crisp content and ability to explain concepts in a simple manner
      Student focused and deadline oriented. Will ensure completion of Digital Marketing course on time
      Highly disciplined and organised. Conducts interactive Digital Marketing Sessions

      Skills and Experience of our Digital Marketing Instructor‬‬

       Google Certified Digital Marketing with 8 years of experience
      Advanced Concepts with excellent Domain knowledge in SEO, PPC, Social Media e-mail Marketing, Content Marketing etc
       Worked on Country wide and International Projects for Digital Marketing
       Consultant and Freelancer with clients
       Influencer, Personality development coach and Motivator
      Digital Marketing Project 1

      Live SEO Project with Competitor Analysis

      You will work on a Live SEO project that involves Keyword Research, On Page analysis, Off Page Analysis, competitor Analysis and Link building campaigns. You are expected to create and implement end to end SEO Campaign.

      Digital Marketing Project 2

      Social Media Live Projects

      You will be handling clients social media pages and responsible to create Social Media calendar that supports clients overall marketing objectives. You will be responsible to create posts and implement on a daily basis

      Digital Marketing Project 3

      Live Google Adwords & PPC Campaign

      You will create live Paid campaigns for clients based on real scenarios across Search, Display, Shopping and Display Network. After hands on experience you can complete Google Certifications

      Digital Marketing Project 4

      Email Marketing Campaigns Live

      Use active email marketing software like Mail Chimp & Send Grid to launch attractive email marketing campaigns all by yourself.

      Digital Marketing Executive (0 to 1 Yrs Exp.)

      Salary: 18000 INR to 25000 INR 
      Apart from your fixed Salary you have options to earn additional income as a Digital Marketer by working as a Freelancer. 
      On an average a Digital Marketer will earn more than 35k with 1 year of experience with projects.

      SEM, PPC Analyst (0 – 1 yrs exp.)

      Salary: 13000 INR to 18000 INR
      As a Search Engine Marketing / PPC Analyst, you will be responsible to get paid traffic to website  using various paid marketing channels.
      You can earn incentives on top of Salary for running optimised campaigns. Freelancer PPC specialist earn more than 10K per month with 1 Project.

      Content Marketing Executive (0 to 1 Yrs Exp.)

      Salary: 20000 INR to 25000 INR
      If you are good at content writing, you can start working as a Freelancer from Day one. You will be earning more than 15K per month as a Freelancer even if you get 5 Projects.
      Apart from this You can earn up-to 25,000 per month from a full time job at any of the agency or company for writing creative content for blogs, websites, and articles. 

      Social Media Executive (0 to 1 Yrs Exp.)

      15000 INR to 20,000 INR
      Creative Social Media Executives are earning more than 15,000 per month as their base salary. You will be responsible to create social media strategies and engaging posts to attract free and paid traffic from various social media platforms.
      There is always scope to earn additional income through freelance projects for social media marketers.

      Plan & execute all digital marketing efforts, including SEO/ SEM, e-mail, marketing database, social media.
      Formulate marketing strategies, with the objective of establishing memorable & long lasting digital connections with various external stakeholders and clients
      Develop & maintain SEO efforts through multiple mediums, blogs, articles, postings etc.
      Design, build & monitor the company’s social media presence & digital profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter on a regular basis.
      Design Social Media calendars, engaging posts and content to attract visitors  
      Generate new ideas to increase brand visibility across multiple marketplaces.
      Perform online research (as per specified criteria) to identify prospects.
      Manage and improve lead generation campaigns (including PPL and PPC), measuring results.
      Build and maintain close relationships with key industry influencers (editors, journalists, analysts, bloggers).
      Execute tests, collect and analyse data and results, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns
      Manage campaign expenses, staying on budget, estimating monthly costs and reconciling discrepancies.
      Work with the development team to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented on newly developed code
      Assist in design and creation of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns.
      Evaluate opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertising on an ongoing basis.
      Research and remain knowledgeable of industry trends and competition.
      Build client relationships to develop success stories.
      Actively manage content on our blog, website and social media channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook.
      Planning and executing multiple awareness/lead generation/ other digital campaigns
      Use social data/metrics, insight, and best practices to implement strategies to optimize use of social media channels
      Manage blog calendar and utilize your knowledge of interest to develop meaningful content
      Working closely with the Sales, Marketing, and Research & Development teams.

      How we Help you to Get a Digital Marketing Job in Reputed Companies

      Getting you a Job in Digital Marketing after successful course completion is our Top Priority. Over the years i Digital Academy and its trainers have developed a strong bond with companies and consultancies that have requirement for Digital Marketing Candidates. Soon after your course completion we will help you to create an attractive Digital Marketing Resume and conduct mock Interviews. Questions asked in the mock interview will be the questions that you are most likely to face in the Digital Marketing Interview.
      Your skills, Your commitment and Your knowledge in Digital Marketing along with our reference to these companies will increase your chances of getting a Job in Digital Marketing after successful course completion.

      Fresher in Digital Marketing earns about 2.5 – 3 Lakhs INR per annum. Apart from your fixed salary you have limitless opportunities to –

      Earn money by working as a freelancer. A single freelance project in Digital Marketing will fetch you 10,000 INR on an average
      You can do blogging, Affiliate Marketing, create youtube videos etc and earn additional income (details coverd during content marketing module)
      In future you have an opportunity to start your own business and promote online using Advanced Digital Marketing techniques you have acquired

      What Will be your Salary as a Digital Marketer

      You can start your career in Digital Marketing in various profiles

      You get many career options as a Digital Marketing Professional. Some of the career options that you can explore are –

      SEO Analyst – As a SEO analyst your core responsibility will be to optimise website for search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo etc. and ensure your organisations website is ranking higher to get relevant traffic.
      Social Media Management / Marketing Executive – Here you will maintain all social media properties like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Your primary responsibility is to create awareness, engage audience by creating relevant posts, get traffic to your website using organic and paid marketing.
      Search Engine Marketing / PPC Analyst – As a PPC analyst you will be handling paid marketing for your clients. This involves media planning, budget forecasting, optimising ads to get best results, ensure higher ROI etc.
      Email Marketing – Email marketing associate is responsible to create attractive emails, newsletters, promotional email and target audience using automated email marketing tools.

      At i Digital Academy, you get to learn Digital Marketing from experienced professionals. You can be 100% sure that the content covers all advanced online marketing techniques that you can implement at your work or business to achieve tremendous growth.
      From basics to advance you will have hands on experience to research, create strategies and implement them on live projects. This enables you to face Digital Marketing interview and take on the challenged head on without depending on anyone.
      You will be in a position to handle all types of Digital Marketing requirements on your own.

      Become an Expert in Digital Marketing by Learning from Experts

      Work on Real Time Digital Marketing Projects

      All students at i Digital Academy get to work on Real Time Online Marketing projects under the supervision of mentors. As soon as the Modules are completed, students are given assignments based on live scenarios. After submitting assignment to the trainer you get an opportunity to work on a Real Client project. From creating fool proof strategies to implementation, you will be responsible to handle Digital Marketing Project completely
      During the Digital Marketing Classes, You will work on 4 Projects in total. Additional projects will be given based on your interest. You will also have the freedom to get freelance project and discuss with our trainers.
      Students who are in final semester and need help in their college projects will get complete support from the institution to accomplish projects as per the topics assigned by college authorities.

      Advantages of Choosing Digital Marketing Course are –

      You get high paying Job in Digital Marketing soon after completing the course
      You may get work from home options once you have acquired 1 years of experience
      Opportunity to go abroad as Digital Marketers are in huge demand across the world
      Ability to earn additional income as a freelancer, blogger, youtuber, influencer etc apart from fixed salary
      Option to start your own business once you have considerable experience across various industries

      Advantages of Choosing Digital Marketing Career

      Digital Marketing Tools you will work on

      As a Digital Marketer you are expected to work on over 50 Digital Marketing tools. These tools will speed up the process of transnational activities and improves your efficiency as a Online Marketer.

      Some of the tools that you will be using during your Digital Marketing Program are

      Keyword Research tool like keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, keywords everywhere to analyse the search terms related to business based on user intent
      Google Ads tool to create search, display, re-marketing, video and shopping ads
      Facebook Ads manager to create engaging ads on Facebook
      Canva to create attractive social media and website images
      Screaming Frog seo analysis tool
      Email Marketing and automation tools such as Mail Chimp, Get Response, Send Grid etc
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